Woman Fitness Tips: Top Five Secrets

These top five fitness tips for women you have to consider. All of tips are related to the physical exercise and diet. Don’t think about anything too extreme, these following tips are actually pretty simple to follow.

Exercise tips

The first part of the top five woman fitness tips are part of exercise suggestions. There are at least two points you have to pay attention when you are working out. One, increase the exercise level gradually. You cannot just jump into hard fitness program. It can be dangerous for your body. It will be easier for you who are used to perform regular exercise. You can work on the next level like the cardio, strength, and flexibility exercise. But, for you who are still getting used to these exercise routine, you have to start by improving your fitness level. Spend at least 30 minutes to go jogging and stretching twice a week is the most effective way to improve your health and fitness.


Two, never give up on pull up. Pull up is the most effective way to shape your body and build your muscle without making it too masculine. Perform 10 reps of pull ups in every exercise schedule. It helps you building and strengthens your biceps, shoulders, and middle back muscles. The last point for the exercise tips is to give your body some rest. You cannot go to the gym every day. Do it three times in week and give your body some rest every another day. You also have to consider some more rest in the first day of your period every month. The break gives your muscle sometimes to relax and grow it cells. Therefore, break schedule is part of this tips.

Diet tips

The two last points of these top five secrets lay on your daily meal. First, you absolutely have to adjust your eating habit and menu. Pay attention on your eating habit, do you have the right eating schedule? Indeed, you must have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the right time every day. It keeps the glucose level in your blood stream stable you won’t easily get hungry and be healthier.

How about the menu? You have to cut the consumption of carbs and replace it with complex carbohydrate like whole grain bread, oatmeal, and wheat. You also have to consume more protein and have at least twice a week fish dish. Second, ditch all added sugar. Avoid juice, especially in the morning, sweetened beverage, and soda. Stay hydrated by drinking more water to perform all of these fitness tips for women.

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