What You Need to Know About Military Fashion

Military fashion is often considered as one of the trends of fashion that will never go out of style. The signature military color, the jacket, the boots, the badges are all great to wear and this kind of style is just very sporty and bold. Wearing outfits with military theme will give you unique look and outstanding silhouette. If you are interested in this kind of fashion, below is more information about it.

The History of Military Fashion

The fashion style started to be popular during the World War II. At that time, all civilians had to wear trench coats issued by the government as their everyday outerwear. All civilians means the ladies had to wear the trench coats as outerwear as well. The ladies then tried to make the trench coats as fashionable as possible to wear. In the time of the Vietnam War era, protests are everywhere against the war and numerous young people supporting the antiwar movement used military outfits such as the army jackets, camouflage, cargo pants and many more as the protest symbol of the war. The trend of wearing what to be worn only at wars then to be worn every day became a sort of trend and nowadays, military fashion is still one of the trends of fashion that will never go out of style.

Why Military Fashion is Loved

This kind of fashion style is loved by a lot of people, especially the ladies because the fashion is highly functional. The fashion is also giving you tough and androgynous appeal. The fashion is just very sporty and bold. It is perfect for anyone who want to get a unique overall look. All you have to do in making your outfit so military is by adding one accessory or two. Belts, aviator sunglasses, badges, vintage accessories will do well in making you look stunning in this kind of fashion.

Military Fashion Tips

For a quick military look, a utility hooded jacket with vintage pencil skirt can be a great combination to get you a quick military look. Complete it with a pair of aviator sunglasses to make it more amazing. Mixing and matching things will be great in making a nice looking military fashion. Cargo pants with white T-shirt and a vintage hat will work as well. It will all depend on how good you are in mixing and matching things.

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