Treat Your Dry Skin with Proper Moisturizer

Determining which product is the best moisturizer for dry skin is certainly difficult. It is because there are many of them which can be considered to be great on their own. Not to mention, not all people can use the same product. Most people may deal with dry skin, but each of them might have other different issues. Moreover, we cannot apply any kinds of moisturizer just like that. Just because it has moiturizing function, it does not mean it is only used for dry skin. As a matter of fact, there is a moisturizer which is mainly used for oilyskin. Another crucial thing to note is that product for face must not be used for body, and so is the otherwise. Anyway, today we have provided two items. Each of them is for body and face.

best moisturizer for dry skin

Body Moisturizer

The best moiturizer for dry skin of our body is the one and only body lotion. There are plenty of them, and Nivea is our most favorite choice. If you want to take the moist loss back again, then you may try to apply Nivea Intensive Body Lotion. This brand has learned that dry skin needs an extra treatment. That is why they create this lotion which contains almond oil.

It is completed with a certain technology named Hydra IQ, which helps to reform new Aquaporin (i.e. the natural hydration line of our skin). By applying it regularly, it will fix and complete the moist loss, enhance the barrier of the skin, and give us 24 hours of moisture. It has been tested dermatologically, which means it is safe to use on us.

Face Moisturizer

Similar to body, there are many kinds of face moisturizer. Before applying any of them, you need to know whether they will be fit with your needs or not. You can actually find one item which has some funtions other than dry skin. In this case, we suggest to utilize Jurlique Calendula Cream. Moist loss is not the only issue that it could take care of. As you can see from the name, one of its ingredients is calendula, which will help to comfort sensitivity of our skin face.

In addition, it will also provide us a protection against environmental agressors which cause other face matters. For instance, it could reduce redness due to acnes. Furthermore, the smell of this is said to be very lovely so it will soothe us while using it. With these many good things, no wonder it is considered to be the best moisturizer for dryskin.

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