Tips To Be A Great Fashion Stylist

If you think you have sensitivity in the field of fashion, for example, like observing the types of styles of those around you, observe a fashion that is being widely used, it could be you have that passion right there. Therefore, there is no harm in trying to develop your potential to become a fashion stylist. Before you plunge into the field of fashion stylist, it will help if you recognize the tasks of it.


fashion stylist

The tasks of a fashion stylist

  1. Fashion stylist gives the concept of a costume that will be used. You will discuss with the management team, including if under a company. Including personal branding that you want to convey visually to the public. From that point, you will make the concept of a costume that will be used. The concept in the form of a variety of images that could be candidates costume in a photo directly or from a collection of photographs belonging to a fashion stylist, or from the Internet, or from a magazine. Could be presented in a file, or have been put together in a power point presentation.
  1. A fashion stylist offers several options to make a costume that will be used to be real. Choice of fashion stylist will be submitted are:
  • Buying costumes
  • Borrowing / hire of one or several brands of clothes
  • Renting costumes of fashion designer
  • Create / order special costumes that will be used to dress maker
  1. A fashion stylist must know things such crucial reference:
  • Various malls and boutique place to find costumes
  • A variety of designer fashion boutiques
  • Knowing the different brands of clothes and character of each of the brands

In terms of cooperation, a fashion stylist must know about the system, regulations or ordinances dress rental of a brand / fashion designer. Rental clothes have special rules, such as to how much should be paid. There are many other procedures for borrowing or leasing shirt. A fashion stylist knows the exact form of cooperation of each brand, and you will take care of matters related to the form of such cooperation.

  1. A fashion stylist must have a good professional relationship, sometimes personally by the fashion designer, tailor clothing, accessories makers, as well as various contact persons of the various brands of clothing sold in the mall. There are times when fashion stylist must negotiate with any party that his (and possibly including accessories) will be on loan / lease or made.
  1. A fashion stylist must know the type of each part of the body shape of people. You will even learn the personal character of the person. This will be especially important when your connection with the whole team to determine the color tone, style, and texture and unity with the terms of graphics.
  1. A fashion stylist will present a collection of styles, pose, or attitude (disposition) of gestures, expressions and attitudes. You have to know the movement of what is good and not good for the shape and proportions of the body and face. For the beginning you will collect all these concepts in a computer file, which can be incorporated into a power point presentation.
  1. A fashion stylist when shooting will, can and should be pointed gesture, pose, expression, gesture body. Not just to give a general direction. You should be able to cite the exact movements, expressions and attitudes that must be done in front of the camera. This was not done by the photographer. Sometimes there who think this is done the photographer. Of course not, the photographer did not cite gestures, body contortion, facial expressions and posture eyes and entire face, it is a fashion stylist jobs.
  1. A fashion stylist must know the material properties of the fabric. You have to know the effect of the lighting shooting, both indoor and outdoor. You need to know how the effects on the skin of the wearer. You have to know the fall of the fabric in the body. You have to know how the fabric if you want to create the effect of flying at the time of shooting. You must know how the weight of the fabric, whether the fabric will blow with the wind from the blower, or if you yourself have to fly the cloth. You even have to get to know the brand of fabric and can be obtained where, as well as the price of the cloth. You also need to know a variety of accessories clothing, making accessories, and a place to buy various accessories.

If you already know the duties of the fashion stylist, and then you want to pursue these fields, you can try some of these tips if interested plunge in these fields.

Recognize the type of fabric

This is the most fundamental thing before starting your mission. You do not have to learn to fashion school, quite a walk to the fabric store and observe the material, brand, and by comparing the price of the fabric.

Attend an event

Indeed, if it is still early will seem strange, but it was a bridge to let you know more about the ins and outs of fashion. Additionally, you can add the network and experience that will make you more study.

Observing the trend

You should further enhance your sensitivity to fashion trends. Maybe if yesterday is often the way in the mall A, now the browse area to the mall B and C. As a fashion stylist you are required to know which ones are hot and what’s not, and the trend will be booming.

Use social media

If during this time you just filled the social media that’s it, try to take advantage of better. Join or follow the designer accounts. By knowing their posts, will provide additional insight from the field you want wrestled. Besides the style that they show may be will inspiring you.

Specify the final destination

A fashion stylist is more likely to make an impact to their clients, different with a personal shopper who tends to follow the wishes of their clients. Well, you try to specify which wanted to be.

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