The Things You Should Know About Natural Skin Care

The Criteria of Safe All Natural Skin Care

All natural skin care becomes a series of beauty products offered through some kinds of media being recommended to use for many women. It takes some purposes for the skin smooth and health to make you stay beautiful and healthy. There are actually so many skincare products in the market with some promoting offers to handle several skin problems. For example, the products are used to rid of acnes and make the skin smooth and white.

Having Legal Permission

Sometimes, you seem to be a trial for the products of all natural skin care. If it is successful, you will have smooth and white skin. But, it is failed; you have to be ready on having the unhealthy face skin. To select all natural skin care products, you need the carefulness by considering the content of the products. The use of harmful chemical substances can make your face and skin irritated.


For those who are still confused in selecting all natural skin care, you have to concern on the legal permission from the related health institution. If the skin products have labeled it, the content of the products are not dangerous. It means that it has been tested by that institution in laboratory to recognize every single material made for the skin care products. If you get hesitated to the registration number for the legal permission, it is great to check it in the official website of the health institution. You should also check the expired date ofskin care products to avoid the worst products for your skin.

The Color and Smell

You should get careful in choosing skin care products. There are some skin care companies giving fake legal permission. To avert that case, you need to recheck the content of skin care products. It is better to avoid selecting products with bright color and sting smells like perfume. It is used to prevent the dangerous content in the skin care products.


There are many kinds of promising face skin care product. It means that it ensures you to have an instant result for your skin. It absolutely has terrible side effects if it is able to give that promise. It is caused by the strong chemical substance content in the skincare. It is strongly recommended to take the trusted skin care products by considering the product quality and appropriateness of all natural skin care.

Best Natural Skin Care You Can Do

Skin is a part of body that is essential to support the appearance of each people. Because so important, many people spend much money to get best natural skin care. This article will be describe about how you get it. Without spend our money to much, we can using a natural tips to get healthy skin.


What your type of skin? Dry? Moist? Or what? To get best natural skin care is not difficult method for us, just trying some tips from this article is enough to get healthy skin. Let’s check the tips:

Drinks a lot of water

Water is natural resource that can be give many advantages for each people, one of the advantages is to keep your healthy skin. When you drink the water, you will avoid from the stress of skin. Water also can avoid skin from wrinkles, a minimum water for consumption is 8 glasses everyday.

Get sleep enough

The second tips is get sleep enough , according to research, someone who get sleep less their skin will be faint, have a wrinkles and dry. Because of it, for you who wanna have a beautiful and helathy skin, you have to sleep in 8 hour everyday.

Avoid the foods that contain sugar

According to research, foods that contain too much sugar causing the collagen and elastin damage. If it is so skin will be wrinkled and sagging. Therefore, limit the consumption of sugar to keep your skin always fresh and healthy. Replace with fruits and vegetables, that is important because fruits and vegetables have good vitamins and minerals for your body.

Routines maintenance

Air pollution makes your skin becomes dry and faint, because of it you have to clean your skin that always looking fresh and shining. Clean your face 3 times a day. That is important because air pollution is the problem of acne.

Using naturally mask

To avoid your face from acne problem, use the mask from corns. To avoid your face from faint problem, use the mask from cucumber, and to avoid your face from acne scars use the mask from lime or lemon.

There are 5 tips to give you information about best natural skin care, if you want to beautiful, you are not always spend your money to go to beauty clinics. Just using the naturally skin care, you can get your beauty like the beauty from beauty clinics.

Relaxing Home Remedy: Natural Skin Care Tips

Looking for natural skin care tips will always be a great idea. There are a lot of easy home remedies with natural ingredients to take care of your skin. Of course, it all depends on your skin type and the skin overall condition. Let’s talk about some easy home treatment based on your skin condition.

Relaxing Home Remedy Natural Skin Care Tips

Oily skin

Normal to oily skin is actually less sensitive than dry skin, but there some serious problems for this type of skin like too oily that makes it looks not clean, acnes, sebum and big pores. Some people tend to roughly clean their oily skin. Go easy on it! For you who doesn’t have sebum and acne problem, use an apple to take care of your skin. You just need some slices of apples and blend it to make some facial mask. Twice a week apply this mask to your face every evening after you wash your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes and wash it away. The high vitamin C and the combination of apple nutrition help decreasing oil production.

To remove sebum, you can make natural facial mask with one tablespoon baking soda and honey, and a little lemon juice. Mix them thoroughly and apply it to your face, especially around the T zone once a week after washing your face with warm water. Honey and lemon give your skin nutrition like acid and vitamin C to reduce oil and the baking soda is perfect scrub. Leave it for 10 ten minutes and wash your gently with warm water while using the mask to scrub your face. At last, to reduce and prevent acnes you can blend one tomato, a teaspoon of plain yogurt and half teaspoon of lemon juice. Use it as facial mask twice a week in the evening for 15 to 20 minutes. These are easy natural skin care tips for oily skin.

Dry and sensitive skin

While for you who have dry and sensitive skin, you first have to pay attention on your facial foam. Pick the one with natural ingredients for dry and sensitive skin like facial foam with chamomile extract. Then, let’s pay attention on your dry skin. If there is any black spot or dry and dull area, you need to use cucumber to scrub your skin. Prepare some slices of cucumber and use it t scrub your face after you remove your make up and wash your face. Leave it for 15 minutes. You can put two slices of cucumber on your eyes to prevent dark circles if you want. Do it twice a week. It will be a lot better if you also apply some rose oil to the black spot every night before you sleep as part of the natural skin care tips.

The function of vitamin C

Are you ever hear about vitamin C for skin care? If you ever hear that, what the type of vitamin C that you know? This article will be describing about the function of vitamin C skin care. Vitamin C is usually used as a preventive disease, whereas vitamin C can be used to caring our face and body skin. Vitamin C can be obtained from fruits such as oranges, pineapples, bananas, apples, melons and other. Vitamin C can be obtained from vegetables too.


The consumption of vitamin C can tighten face skin, then the vitamin C antioxidant can treat a variety of wounds. And this article will be give you some information and some function about vitamin C:

Eliminate and cure acne scars

The function of vitamin C is be a cure of acne scars. Vitamin C produce collagen in big amount. These collagen will be wound healing agent., collagen becomes a one of important component when process healing, including acne scars.consumption of vitamin C can cure on the face. You can use vitamin C as a mask that contained in lime or is easy, just take 1 piece of lime or lemon, squeeze the juice and mix with honey. Apply on the face, leave a few minutes then rinse with cold water until clean.

Glowing the skin

Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid which is the mian substance forming collagen. Collagen is serves ro heal wounds and also to produce proteins. Protein can makes the skin healthy, tighter and glowing.

Counteract free radicals

Free radicals can make face skin is damaged, and can also cause cancer on skin. Antioxidant vitamin C is what serves to neutralize the attacks of free radicals on the skin. Vitamin C consumption can from kiwi, orange, tomato, strawberry and others.

Prevent premature aging

The function vitamin C for face is never ending. One of advantages vitamin C is to prevent premature aging. It is cause by collagen that contains in vitamin C. Collagen is water holder that can give the skin moisturaizer and will not make face skin being dry. Vitamin C also help closing the face pores that open.

The consumption of vitamin C is must be balance, can not too much and can not too litte, too much consumption vitamin C will make the body becomes too moist. So, are you wanna get the natural vitamin C skin care or vitamin C from clinics?

Tricks Using Coconut Oil

Have you ever heard coconut oil skin care? Coconut oil skin care is a trick for women who want to take care of their skin by using natural things. An expert says that coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal which has the benefits in taking care of the skin and also hair. Even more, coconut oil also contains saturated fats, capric, lauric acid, vitamin-E, anti-aging cream, and also proteins. There are a lot of researches that prove the use of coconut oil for the skin. Here are several tricks that can be used with coconut oil based on the researches:

Tricks Using Coconut Oil for Skin

Tricks Using Coconut Oil for Skin

To reduce dry hands

It is not actually used directly to your hand, but coconut oil can prevent your skin hands before going to be dry. For mothers who have a job in dish washing, use coconut oil after it. The coconut oil can help and make your skin hand soft and moist.

Cheek’s highlighter

Instead of buying an expensive products to highlight your face, using a coconut oils is also as effective as using a highlighter product. Use it as the last step of your make up process. It will be looked like your own skin but a bit more glow than the original skin.

As a body moisturizer

Several experts prove that using coconut oil can speed up wound healing. It is also effective in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in a dry skin. Besides the smell which is natural and good, coconut oil also has many benefits relating to the health of your skin.

As a face cleaner

Since coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal, use it as a face cleaner is also good. What you need to do is only rub the oil randomly on your face such as on your forehead, cheeks, nose, even on your neck. After that try to give a personal massage smoothly. The last step is washing your own face with your own cleanser.

There are several tips that you can use with coconut oil. It is very natural, and you also don’t need to spend and waste a lot of money foryour skin health. With the contents that are contained in coconut oil, it is nothing different with the branded and expensive product for skincare. Simple yet beneficial is the words that come up when you already start using coconut oil for skin care.

Considerations in Selecting Natural Skin Care Brands

Natural skin care brands are very promising and teasing with its positive reviews from the beauty bloggers. Though it seems to be safe, you should not neglect some considerations in selecting those skin care brands. It is caused that not all produced skin care products are same. You should not trust a certain skin care brand for the benefits and safety in using those products.


It is fully supported to have a skin treatment with natural skin care brands. Though it has a natural label, you have to consider that label. Most of the skin care products sell the tag of natural and organic to get the interest of many women. The natural label of package is likely fake. It is possibly composing the other unknown substances to the natural skin care. You have to be careful on the term of natural and organic by reading the composition of content. If you find a type of chemical substance, the brand is not fully trusted and organic.

Getting Aware of the Other Chemical Substances

After you determined the natural content of skin care brands, it is the right time to recognize the other chemical substances. Paraben is mostly found in the conventional skin care and cosmetics. This substance is disturbing the hormone performance. The naturalbrands and products are often combined with the chemical substances. It makes sure that you need to check the package label before using it. PEG is a type of chemical substances related to cancer causing rejuvenation and disturbs the natural moisture of skin.



Though it is called to be natural skin care, it absolutely needs the perfume to make it smell good and pleasant. The perfume is actually great for the cosmetics and skin care products but it should be exploited in the normal level. For those having allergy to the use of perfume for cosmetics, you should be careful. Try to seek the other products containing essential oil mixture to the skin care products. Do not take chemical perfume to make it smell pleasant.

The Values

The last consideration is brand value of natural The last consideration is brand value of natural skin care. If you test and try it for the first time and want to change the other one, it is suggested to learn deeply. You may visit to the product website. In the website, you can gather more information about the content andnatural term of every single natural skin care brand and product. Try to be a smart costumer for using natural skin care brands.

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