The Ideas of French Fashion

If you are looking for the stylish mode of the fashion, it is better for you to choose the French fashion. Why French? French can be categorized as the new atmosphere of the fashion. The innovation related to the fashion is developed well. No wonder if people of French can be categorized as “fashionable people”. Why? You should know the reason why people in France are said as the fashionable people.

There are some reasons. The followings are some reasons. First, they usually wear a simple mode of the fashion. The key is “simple”, so it can be concluded that people there use simple mode. Therefore, if you want to look fashionable, you should not wear the fashion too over. Moreover, you do not use the accessories too much. Second, they focus on the fashion. They emphasize on using the fashion, and do not too over in using accessories. Third, they usually use the neutral color. Moreover, the combination of the color is appropriate. Those three reasons are the key point that decides the people in France categorized as fashionable people.

Tips in Wearing

As stated before, French is categorized as the fashionable people. That is why many people in the world try to follow the French fashion. The followings are the tips in wearing fashion like French. It can be men or women. First, use stocking. It is a must for women using stocking. It can be combined with the dress and the skirts. By using stocking, the women look elegant and beautiful. Second, choose the natural color for the fashion. Most of French like the natural color for the fashion.

In other words, they like something simple in fashion. Moreover, they like to choose an appropriate motif for fashion so that they will not feel monotonous. Third, use the shawl. It is a must for French to use the shawl in their daily activity. They usually use the shawl with a certain motif that is appropriate with their dress. Fourth, use the simple accessories. French also likes accessories; however, they choose the simple accessories that are appropriate with the dress they wear. They do not emphasize on the size, but they emphasize on the style.

The Design

The design of French fashion emphasizes on three criteria. The first is something simple. French does not like something over in their fashion. The second is using shawl and layer. The third is the natural color with appropriate combinations. Those are the key of the design of the fashion for the French.

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