The Criteria of Fashionable Shoes

Many people look for fashionable shoes. They think that shoes should be fashionable. It differs from the point of view of many people at the past. They just think that the shoes re to cover their feet. They do not consider the aesthetic considerations in choosing the shoes. There are four considerations why the shoes can be categorized as “fashionable”. They are the material, the color, the design, and the motif. The material used in making the shoes should be good so that the shoes will be durable.


The color used for the shoes also should be appropriate. It means that the combination of the color should be appropriate. Then, the shoes are designed well. Innovation is very important in designing the shoes. It means that the design should be innovated from time to time. The last, the motif should be interesting. Many people look for the shoes which have these four criteria.


Tips Choosing Fashionable Shoes for Men

It can be said that there is a difference between the shoes for the man and the women. However, it is an explanation for you about tips in choosing shoes for men. First, you should the shoes based on the activity. It is very important thing to do. You should differentiate between the shoes for the word and the shoes for taking a walk or hang out. Second, you choose the model of the shoes based on your own taste. The fashionable shoes usually have the simple model. However, those shoes fulfill the four criteria above. Third, the shoes should be matching with the clothes. Make sure the shoes you use is matching with the clothes you wear. It can be from the motif and the color. For example, if you wear white clothes, you can use the white or black shoes. That will be good.

Fashionable Shoes for Men


However, if you wear white clothes, it is better for you not to use the yellow shoes. That is not matching. That will be good. However, if you wear white clothes, it is better for you not to use the yellow shoes. That is not matching. Those are some tips for men in choosing the shoes that can be categorized as “fashionable”

Tips in Choosing Fashionable Shoes for Women

There are some models of shoes for women nowadays. Here are some tips in choosing fashionable shoes for women. First, do not choose too many motifs, but choose the simple motif because something simple can be something fashionable. Second, the shoes should be matching with the dress.

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