Skin Care during Pregnancy Curing the Pregnancy Mask

Skin care during pregnancy is also something crucial in order to keep fresh and beautiful in the pregnancy period. Hormone and physical changing in a pregnant woman often bring stress in her. It is something that should be avoided so she will always be healthy and get no problem during pregnancy. One of the most common problems faced by pregnant women is pregnancy mask or so called Melasma. It is aface skin problem because of hyper-pigmentation so dark patches come out and seem to be mask on face.

Genetic disposition is the main cause of pregnancy mask. Besides, pregnant women who are stressful also can get the dark patches onface. After delivery, Melasma commonly goes away in some months. However, there are some women that difficultly get rid of this problem. If so, you should do some treatments below to heal Melasma.

Skin Care during Pregnancy Curing the Pregnancy Mask

Some Required Things

– Chemical peeling

– Facial mask

– Sunscreen cream

– Laser

How to Treat Melasma

The first treatment of skin care during pregnancy for curing pregnancy mask is chemical peeling. It should be had in dermatologist and consult whether this way will not endanger your pregnancy. The chemical peeling will work by burning the outer layer of skin and also removing the marks cased by over pigmentation. After this treatment, your skin will need a few days to recover. You may look worse after the chemical peeling application but you will see a better look in a few weeks.

Another kind of treatment that can be had in a dermatologist is a laser treatment. The laser treatment will be concentrated on dark patches on skin face. It will make the skin lighter and then get healed. For those that can’t cure Melasma with any kinds of treatment. Laser can be chosen for most effective and fastest result.

Besides seeing a dermatologist, you can also have home remedy for pregnancy spots on your face. Using a spa grade facial mask will help lightening the dark patches. A type of facial mask which is best for Melasma is gel peeling mask. Wear the facial mask in about 10 minutes and then peel the masker off gently. The facial mask will help removing dead skill cells as well as stimulating the growing of new and fresh cells.

To prevent the worsen condition of pregnancy mask; don’t forget to always apply sunscreen cream before going outside under the sun. It will prevent you face to get Melasma even you have genetic risk of it. The over-pigmentation can happen badly for the UVA and UVB rays’ stimulation. A hat and sunglasses are also great to wear to give more protection to skin while under the sun.

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