Punk Fashion: Rebellion with Style

Punk is a subculture which is originated from United Kingdom of which teenagers shows their freedom to act through their music and also clothing style. This punk fashion began spreading to the United States and Australia in the mid of 1970s. This lifestyle is still popular until this time, but it is not as extreme as the past. Back then, young people wore clothes all in black color. Their hair were styled in mohawk and painted in bright colors like pink or red. They also have a number of body-piercings and tattoes. In present, it is not that wild anymore, but still has a couple of features which maintain the punk look. If you want to try this style, here are some tips how to have a punk look for both men and women in this modern era.


Punk Fashion Rebellion with Style

Punk Fashion for Men

Young people who took this punk look in the past were mostly teenage boys. They got their inspiration from a punk rock music. For all men out there, try our tips on how to own punk fashion with a bit of modernism. Punk mainly uses black color, and we want to keep it like that. So, first, wear a sleeveless tight-fitting plain shirt as an innerwear. For the outerwear, you can use a jacket which has been designed along with a hoodie. Here is the twist. The sleeves on the jacket has transparent feature with a couple of leather fabrics. It aims to add some modern accents. Then, you can wear either black leather pants or jeans. Complete the style with a pair of black boots. If you want to add some accessories, you may put on a ring with skull shape and a silver crucifix.

Punk Fashion for Women

Despite of being dominated by men, nowadays many women also prefer to have a punk look. Some of the K-pop girl bands in South Korea make a use of the punk fashion. They even add some futuristic accent to their style, which is quite amazing. We have one example of modern/futuristic punk style here for you. Imagine that you are wearing bright red leather sleeveless crop top.

On both shoulders, they have been garnished with gold spikes. You may combine this crop top with a black leather vest with no buttons. For the bottom, you could use a maxi skirt which is decorated with short black leather tassels on the top of it. This skirt is made of chiffon in order to give transparency and flowing movement. Moreover, it has a high slit on one side so you can show one of your leg. The leg will be seemed much longer and better with a couple of pumps. The perfect accessories for this style is a golden chain necklace and a black leather bracelet with gold spikes on both hands.

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