Playing Online Fashion Games and Dress Up!

Playing online fashion games can be one of the biggest temptations ever! For any fashion lovers online games can be the greatest place to explore their ideas and creativity. At the same time, playing the games online also creates a competitive atmosphere among the players. But, which is the best fashion game to play?

Superstar designers

Have you ever imagined to be a designer for Angelina Jolie or may be Beyonce? Choose Stardoll, GirlSense, and GoSuperModel. These three online games are designed for you who like to design some clothes for any celebrities. It can be really fun for the applications have a feature to replace the model face with some celebrities in the list. At the same you don’t have to worry about difficult features. All features are easy to use, you can explore their galleries to get inspired and design your own clothes by choosing the models, cutting lines, fabrics, and theme. Put your designs to the super model you choose and see how it is fit!

Real life game fashion

Different from them who like to put their design on their “super model” some people would love to play fashion games which are closed to the reality. The Miss Bimbo and i-Dress Up are two great online games where you have to not only design your own fashion but also to “shop” the materials and sell you design in these online fashion games.

Choosing the online fashion games is actually challenging, but fun at the same time. You will think as if you are really designing the fashion. In this case, you will be more creative and calculative. It can be a perfect place to exercise you designing skills like choosing the fabrics, calculating budgets, and deciding the pattern and cutting lines of the clothes.

Teenager fashion games

Thinking about less serious fashion games? Choose the games which are built for teenagers like Barbie Girl and Groovy Girl. These two games are simpler. There are some features which even can be played as if you were playing Jojo Fashion Show. With more teenager’s stuffs and design inspirations, you can create any teenager fashion design in these online fashion games. The best part about these teenage games is that you can shop and modify the clothes you buy. Take for example you buy a long skirt, then you can cut the length of skirt when you thing it is fit more.

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