Old Fashioned Clothes Projects

Don’t throw your old fashioned clothes right away! There are various fashion projects you can do with your out of fashion clothes. You can even wear them at the moment and make them todays’ fashion style.

Vintage projects

Are you planning to put some vintage clothes? Check your old clothes. There might some stripped shirts, flowery skirt or shirt, some simple T-shirt and accessories. Putting on your flowery skirt or dress can be of the best vintage style. If you have any new white shirt or fit t-shirt, you can wear them at the top with your old A-line skirt. Have a black dress which you worn at the party last year? You don’t have to buy any new dress for the upcoming party. Wear your old black dress and put some pearl necklace as the accessories. It will be vintage and elegant at the same time when you put on deep red lipstick and sexy make up. A pair of black stilettos will be a perfect match to your dress!

Make your old clothes new clothes

They are old and out of fashion, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Indeed, you can make these clothes your new clothes projects. Find your old pants or jeans. You can cut them and you have some new short pants. It will be a nice idea for summer fashion. You don’t have to buy any new short pants since you have made them from your old fashioned clothes.

You can also cut your old overall and long skirts. Mini overall which is worn with tank top or summer t-shirt can be a great idea for you who like chich fashion. Put on a pair if sneakers to create more chich and comfortable walking fashion. While the short skirt can be really flexible to be worn. If you want to keep you old jeans, you can just buy textile color and change the color of your jeans. The best color will be black. It is the easier way to cover any stains and old color.

Mix and match

The classiest project is the mix and match project. Check every single of your old collection. Some items might be the timeless clothes such as your blazers, scarfs, trousers, jeans, t-shirt, and even blouse. You can match them with your new clothes. It can be easier if you think about where and when you are going to wear the clothes and start put your old fashioned clothes which are fit to the event.

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