Knowing the Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

The Story of Fashion

Before we talk about fashion industry, we have to know about the story of fashion first. Fashion is getting bigger and bigger around the globe. Many people start to be interested in this thing, either as a fashion lover or worker. However, what is fashion to be exact? We all know that fashion is all about clothing style, accessories, hairstyle, etc. To make it short, it refers to someone’s appearance based on what he or she is wearing. That is the basic knowledge that most people know about it. However, there are still many things from fashion that we might want to learn. In order to do that, we provide some information for our readers about this matter.

What Is Fashion: Past Time

Like we said before, fashion means people’s style either for their clothing, footwear or else. But, is everything all the exact same from the past? What is fashion history you have learned? Some of us might think that fashion was started from Europe such as France or England, but we believe it was began from Egypt. Long time ago, what Egyptian women wore was a long cloth that cover their body from under the breast to feet. Sometimes they wore a luxurious neck accessories to show their social status. The men also used a cloth which was wrapped around their waist that makes it looks like a knee-length skirt. Next, we move to Mesopotamian era. The style for the men is quite similar with the Egyptian, but the skirt is held with a kind of belt. The women here still wore a piece of clothing, but this time they put it on from shoulder (which covered their breast) to feet just like a dress. From here we move to ancient Greece. In this period, both men and women used tunic, a piece of clothing that was worn by wrapping it around the body. For womenswear, it was called as stola, while menswear is known as toga (which inspires today’s clothes for graduation). Now we go to the Renaissance era when fashion changed drastically. In this era, men was no longer wearing a kind of dress-looking clothes. Instead, they wore a tight pants (like leggings) with a long-sleeves shirt mixed with a coat. For women, they wore a massive dress with ruffle or lace around their neck. You may recognize this dress from Queen Elizabeth I. This style was getting improved with modernism in Victorian era. Men were wearing a shirt covered with coats and pair it with pants. Women in this time had much simpler look than in Renaissance but still exaggerating from head to toe.

Punk Fashion Rebellion with Style

What Is Fashion: Present Time

Now that you have learned a bit of fashion journey from past, it is time to see how it looks like in present. Many things related to fashion have changed from time to time. What is fashion in these days? Well, fashion now is all about comfort and simplicity. Most men prefer to wear a shirt with jeans. Women have much more options in their clothing style. If they could only wear a gown or dress in the past, now they are allowed to have a masculine look by wearing jeans or pants. Despite of its drastic changing, fashion is still about how we look like.


One of the secrets to success in the fashion industry is working with a creative force, strategic strength, and optimistic psychological strength of everyone in the workplace. Fashion business is very sensitive to quality, fashion, prices, trends, and lifestyle; which always changes with the changing needs, purchasing power, and consumer tastes. Therefore, total integrity required of every person in this industry to be procreative in understanding and serving all the needs of the market perfectly.

Pay attention to the consumer needs of fashion industry

Everyone needs clothes, but since the times is changing, the needs of fashion outfit is also changed especially for young people. They always prioritize the fashion that they use, so that they feel comfortable and not outdated.

Business info

Underestimate and neglect a market perception are wrongdoing in the fashion business. Consumer is a hidden treasure of fashion industry that will continue to create added value for the progress of the fashion business. A businessperson in this industry must truly understand the meaning of all designs whether fashion design is able to create a sense of comfort, a sense of worth and happiness for the users. Current developments in the fashion business are very rapid, from distribution business, boutique business, factory outlet, to the clothing business into a business opportunity that generates sizeable turnover due to the increasingly higher interest of the fashion market. Therefore, this industry is not going to ever become extinct by any changes since it is always in need of innovation and imagination without limits for presenting the works of fashion with the latest fashion and trends, which is able to answer the needs and satisfaction of consumers.

The advantages of doing business in this industry

The young people interest of fashion development is very large, this makes consumers more consumptive in the fashion business. So the opportunity to reach a large turnover was widening for the perpetrators of the fashion business. Besides that, there are many clothing companies and other fashion manufacturers nowadays so as to fulfill the inventory are not difficult.

The disadvantages of doing this business

The rise of the fashion business, led to a fairly tight market competition. Found almost in every corner of the fashion businesses that offer products with a variety of quality and characteristic. If your product does not have a surplus or a certain characteristic, then it will only be eroded by high business competition. Therefore, increase your creativity to offer unique and different fashion from others existing products in the fashion industry.

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