Kind of Jobs in Fashion Industry

The world of fashion is closely linked to the world of women. But sometimes there are still many people who doubt the fashion world can make money. Although it has plenty of schools present in the fashion world, work in this field is still considered to have not been promising. Then, the work of whatever the hell that is prevalent in the world of fashion? There are some jobs in fashion that you can choose. Selecting one of the many modes of work generally is tremendous challenges. There are many different occasions in the fashion industry that you may not surely which one of that is best for you. With high demand for work in fashion industry, you have to be sure about what you want to do so that you can begin to pursue your dreams in this competitive industry. Here you’ll find a description of some of the work mode and then becomes one step closer to building your career in fashion industry.

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Jobs in Fashion Industry that is Available

Fashion designer

Fashion designer job seems wasteful and rewarding, but it will take a lot of work. Fashion designer should be well informed and have creative a new design concept. Fashion designers create sketches, either by hands or with a computer design. As fashion designers, we can specialize in the design of clothing, footwear, or accessories. Fashion designers work with under pressure because to meet deadlines and also to makes impression on the fashion buyers or other clients that is potential. You’ll need not only a talent and creative to be a fashion designer, but you also have a thick skin and dedication too.


Fashion designing is a highly competitive field and looking for a job in this industry is not very easy either. The most important thing when looking for jobs in fashion design is you must be very careful how you look for your job. The method you choose is the most important thing of all and the best would be for you to take some recruitment retail services. But you have to be very careful about it because there are a lot of advertising through the internet that will look very promising but instead ended up cheating you out of your job.

Fashion Merchandising/Sales and Marketing

This is kinds of jobs in fashion is suitable for you who are art talented, because this job will monitor fashion trends and trends in consumer purchasing behavior. Under the umbrella of the Department of merchandising, you can find a variety of divisions. One of them is in charge of managing the retail management human resources and devise marketing strategies.

Production Management

The production manager is responsible for obtaining materials clothing made at the factory level. Those who work in this field will work with suppliers and retailers to ensure quality production.

Visual Presentation/Styling

This work is usually directly related to the model and the artist who dressed. If you have a taste for fashion and good communication, this job is for you to choose. In addition, this work allows you to expand your network.

Fashion Journalist

You love to write and like fashion? This opportunity will bring you on the job as a fashion journalist. How can you initiate this potential? Easy ways that you can do is to start writing a blog and let fashion magazines to find your talent.

Social Media Strategist/Manager/Coordinator

Starting from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube and others are doing by them. Take care of all social media accounts will be easier if done full-time. So a lot of big companies in the world of fashion started looking for employees to organize all the information out on their social media.

Online Content Creator

It’s been a lot of brands that try to bring up their original content on your blog or website. To bring up a content update every day, they need someone who is orchestrating it all. This work has even paid higher than the editor of the magazine. Interesting isn’t it?

Digital PR

The world of internet has changed the jobs in fashion world. PR or Public Relations become very necessary for brand Burberry, for example, which have used at least one person to indulge its customers who need a PR approach through the online world.

Fashion Tech Startup Founder

They are the people who are creative and capable of utilizing community by building its own online company. Many investors who are interested to invest capital in companies online today, if you have an interesting idea, a strong background in the field of fashion, and able to work hard, maybe you could start a startup developing particularly in the world of fashion.

Sustainability Expert

Which is not so related to technology or the Internet, but as environmental problems continue to grow, many companies are looking more closely at how they produce their products well. And since then, started many brands that claim to practice their production of “eco-friendly”. However, the manager is what ensures companies do their best to any method or eco-friendly fabrics.

Work in fashion is not easy to come by and if you want to come out on top, then you have to understand exactly how you should describe your talents, recruitment mode to do everything for you and give you the perfect opportunity. The best part is that once you avail yourself of their services, you will have a job that you like in no time at all. All your worries will be over and if you have any doubts, you can take a look at the many testimonies given by satisfied candidates who have landed jobs in fashion design gather that everyone wants to have.

The opportunity to work in fashion world is now open. Therefore a good mode of school education will be much needed for talented designer candidates. Along with the rapid progress in the fashion industry, fashion school more and more popping up. Thus the more professional fashion school graduate wanted to be able to work in a fashion house or in the fashion industry. Whatever jobs in fashion you specify to make your career, you must remember in this competitive industry that is important things to hard work and determined. All employers are looking for something that makes them special subsequent leasing and able to make shine publications.

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