Italian Fashion Brands for Men

People can find various fashion centers in the world and there is no doubt that Italy surely cannot be separated from the fashion world. Many people love Italian fashion because it represents the sophistication, class, as well as elegance. Italy is the home to the finest designers in the world. People will also find the best manufacturers of fabric in this country.

There is no doubt that Italy as strong reputation including in menswear world. There are some italian fashion brands for men which people should know if they want to get the reference of the best clothing for the best look. People have already been familiar with some brands including Prada, Gucci, Armani, as well as Dolce & Gabbana. However, there is nothing wrong to know more about the brands which are lesser known but it can be a great option for their wardrobe.

The very first options of italian fashion brands which provides the best men’s wardrobe is Tod’s. People maybe will see this brand as one of the biggest success stories in Italian fashion world. This brand was started as a family run business but now people all around the world recognizes this brand as the luxury leather footwear retailer. The shoes are produced on home turf. It is not only shoes which are produced after all because this label also produces various options of accessory as well as bag. People can also find Corneliani which started the business by making the coat back in the 30s.

It is sure that the label which is based in Milan has very long way to reach its position as one of the best brand from Italy which can be found. Nowadays, the world recognized this label for its separates as well as formalwear for gent which is more refined. This label also offer the full service of made to measure.

Incontex becomes next italian fashion brands for men which should be one of the best option. It is owned by Slowear group and this label has specification for creating the chinos, shorts, as well as trousers with impeccably cut. This label claimed as the brand which pioneering the smart casual style. The material used for its product comes from the best quality fabric so the result is the wardrobe with the premium design and at the same time, it is offered at the mid-range price. Besides the chinos, shorts, and trousers, this brand also produces the simple selection of tops which are easy to wear.

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