How to Take Care of Skin in Hot and Humid Climate

Knowing about how to take care of skin well in hot and humid climate is crucial so that you can keep the skin beautiful and prevent skinproblems. Actually, humidity is good for skin since it makes faster cell reproduction as well as softens and supple the epidermis. Nevertheless, humidity will not good for certain type of skin with acnes because the high level of humidity can worsen the problem. The moist environment may make your skin hydrated more but you should take care of the skin appropriately to kep it healthy all the time.


How to Take Care of Skin in Hot and Humid Climate

Gently Clean the Skin

In a hot and humid climate, your skin always needs to be gently cleaned. Gentle cleanser is best for this. Make sure you don’t use anyskin care products that can increase sensitivity of the skin in the full sunlight days. Cleanser with harsh salicylic acid for the example; don’t use the cleanser in the morning, just apply at night instead. The best cleanser in this climate is anti comedogenic, oil controlling, and clog free pores cleanser. You can use it twice every day. If you feel need more times to clean your skin, just splash some lukewarm water. It will help opening the skin pores to free the perspiration and keep the natural moisture.

Moisturizing the Skin Well

In the days when more sunlight exposed, you should know how to take care of skin and keep the skin moisturized so that it doesn’t get dry and causing cancer cells growing. Use foundation with at least SPF 15 content so that the skin is protected by UV rays and preventing the skin cancer. To get more moisturizers, you can choose skin care products with more humectants ingredients such as honey, glycerin and alpha hydroxyl. The ingredients will keep the skin moisture by absorbing the air’s water in the humid climate.

Remove the Dead Cells of Skin

Dead skin cells are more likely to stay and block your pores in the hot and humid climate. It is not good since the clog pores could lead to acnes. To prevent it, just have exfoliating facial every week. Besides, you should clean your skin regularly with oil free scrub so that the dead cells could be removed by the gentle massaging of the scrub.

Keep the Skin Cool

In the hot and humid climate, your body needs to stay in normal temperature in order to prevent excess sweats and oil. Never skip showers and use cool water to make your body feel cool. However, don’t take showers too much because it will dry the skin instead. Wear breathable clothes daily to keep the body cool and absorb the sweats well. Besides, drink sufficient amounts of water to stay hydrated. It is a simple way about how to take care of skin in the hot and humid climate.

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