How To Mix And Match Fashion Blazers

Either men or women need fashion blazers to support their formal or casual occasions. The key success to mix and match fashion blazers are creative combination of blazers and pants for gentlemen. While for women, especially who wear hijab, they can support their formal look with pairing maxi dress with blazers. Identically, blazers are formal outfit for men to go office. The more creative you are the more attractive will be. Blazers will make your performance complete and polite. If you know the tricks on matching the outfit, then you can maximize what you already have in your closet.

Paris, London, Milan are some of essential centers of fashions. Many celebrities refer their trends and fashions to those places. The last mentioned has the biggest role in pairing blazers and trousers for men. In this article, I will focus on matching fashion blazers for formal occasion. The rule or concept of Italian fashion deals with pairing of a single jacket and trousers to generate a more masculine look.

Colors play big role

An effective way to transform your appearance for either men or women is combining colors. Since blazers are formal outfit for men to go office, you must combine light colors with dark colors. Try to wear fashion tops or fashion blazers and cream suits that are classic look that are warm during cold season. In other hand, for a welcome change of occasion, combine a darker blazer with lighter trousers. For women, if you pair maxi dress and blazers, then it is better to wear motif hijab to balance the dark or plain color combination of fashion blazers and the maxi dress.

Get creative in playing pattern

Try to be matching from top to toes. It is essential to know the basic pattern of formal blazers for men. To make a statement that you are stylish, you can play the pattern of blazers such as pattern of bold graphic and combine with straight trousers. Go patterned on your tops and go solid on toes.

Get out of the box in pairing

To create a striking or surprising outlook, try to combine the sizing of blazers and trousers. For example, you can wear a wide leg trousers, or more patterned jacket and then combine them with trimmed- trousers. Those are some tips you can consider to mix and match fashion blazers. Sometimes, get out of the box is the thing you need to refresh your routine life in office, so boost your mood with that idea.

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