How to Follow Leggings Fashion Latest Trend

Is there person who says to you that you should not follow leggings fashion? Maybe you ever asked by people who say to you that you should not wear leggings because they are not appropriate to wear for any occasions except for gym. Actually it is just a matter of the norms raised in some areas in the world. In those places, there might be some rules about what to wear and not-to-wear. For those places’ citizens, it is a must to follow the local rules. However, the other people who live outside the places may find different rules.

In western countries, leggings are often used as fashion bottom styles. The women or girls are likely to wear leggings as cool bottom instead of using pants or jeans which are rather thicker than leggings. So, there are a lot of new motif or patterned printed on the leggings to create new leggings fashion style for the latest trend upcoming.

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However, you should know that you cannot wear leggings every time in any occasions. There are some myths that you should know about wearing leggings. Here are some the myths you probably want to know:

Leggings Fashion Police #1: Leggings are not pants

There are some rules that say that you cannot think leggings have the same function as pants. It might happen if the leggings are very thin and tight to wear. However, nowadays there are new leggings materials that are made a little bit thicker and look like pants. Even lately, there are new concept of legging that is the abbreviation of jeans and leggings. The materials might look like jeans but you will not see zipper in there. It is easier to use for some users.

Leggings Fashion Police #2: Leggings can’t go with heels

So, who ever heard with this myth? For some people, this can’t be true but it can happen if you cannot mix and match with your top, accessories, and the color of your clothing. It may be beautiful to wear but you will be in 90’s fashion style if you wear leggings with the heels. So, consider the theme or dress code before you go for any occasion. Match up with the weather also guys. Don’t ever try to wear leggings (only) in the winter season. You may catch cold for sure.

Leggings Fashion Police #3: Leggings and Gym

For old time, you can wear the leggings mixed up with jeans jacket and t-shirt for prom night. However, for latest leggings fashion, you may only see a lot of people are wearing leggings at the gym centers. Besides there will not be much consideration to wear leggings at the gym (means people are busy with their running and jumping), leggings which are able to be stretched are more comfortable to wear for sports activities. So, you can have easy feeling when wear it at the gym or sports places.

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