Health Tip of the Day

What do you do to keep your healthy every day? Are you already maintaining your lifestyle? For this article, we will give you reference about health tip of the day. Healthy is the desire for everyone, old young, rich poor, urban and rural residents would want a healthy. Each people have an experience with pain, pain that is mild or severe, these were headache, influenza, and for severe disease is stroke.

There are some simple tips daily to maintain our healthy, reads our article until complete and find the advantages:

Watch diet

Food containing oils, fatty, fried and burnt can contribute to the possibility of disease could come. Better to eat foods that are boiled, clean food, containing fruits and vegetables and fresh foods. Food containing oils, fatty, fried and burnt above still possible to eat but certainly occasionally.

Get sleep enough is highly recommended

The body is in need of recovery about 6 to 8 hours, recovery is useful to relax tired muscles and replace damaged cells. Proper recovery is when a deep sleep, as normal human biological hours is sleeping at night until morning. If the body lacks of recovery, after a long time our body will be porous because of freshness and damage faster accretion cells damage in the body. According to research proper recovery time is usually between 11 pm and 2 am.


Defecate should be performed every day at least once, because the food is digested in the process of metabolism in the body and the waste collected in the last shelter in the body. So it is advisable to defecate on a regular basis, usually done every morning after waking up that morning with a fresh face and clean because the body has been clean of dirt.

Drinking water

Drinking water is essential every day at least 2 liters every day, in the metabolism of the body, water is an important component.


Breakfast is very important because it is useful to provide power at the time of the activity, fresher and replenishes energy for daily activities. It should not need a heavy breakfast because of activity in the morning is quite short.

Relaxation and travelling

It is an activity that can really make you happy. If feeling happy and calm then by itself will make your body healthy.

There are 6 tips on getting a healthy body for all of you. Let’s start a healthy life from now, hope this article be interesting information for readers who are looking for healthy tip of the day.

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