Get Your Rocking Style with Grunge Fashion

Who does not know about grunge? It is defined as a music genre of alternative rock which was popular in ‘90s. Besides as a music, it is also well-known as grunge fashion. Yes, many people back there started to style themselves with this look. Particularly, they chose some clothes which could make them seemed like a rock star. Despite of its popularity in ‘90s, we can still find a number of people using this style to express their rock and roll feeling. If you want to have this kind of fashion style, you may find it how to work it through this article.


Grunge Fashion for Men

Grunge is known to be a style where people show a bit of rebellion. It can be seen from the way how they do lots of mix and match on their look. However, grunge fashion cannot be done randomly just like that. If this is your favorite style, you must do it properly. The very first thing to do is to wear a black T-shirt with a pattern which could bring out rock music nuance.

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After that, mix it with a black leather jacket. For the bottom, you may use either torn or faded jeans. Both are good to wear for this look. Anyway, grunge style is quite popular for its usage of flanel shirt. However, instead of wearing it as a normal cloth, it is used as an accessories by wrapping it on the waist just like a belt. Meanwhile, even with these mix-and-matches going on, you can still add some other accessories. For example, you may wear a black leather fingerless gloves, a black cap with rock theme pattern, a headphone and a black haversack. Finish this style by putting on a black boots.

Grunge Fashion for Women


Who said that women cannot own this style too? Yes, it is mostly dominated by men, but women can rock it too. In fact, many women are able to bring this grunge fashion perfectly. Here is one of the examples. Firstly, for the top, wear a T-shirt with strong pattern like tiger or lion. Combine it with a red leather jacket. Secondly, for the bottom, use a black transparent leggings first before putting on a torn-short jeans. After that, you may mix them with a black knee-length socks and casual shoes. Lastly, use a couple of accessories like black beanie hat and gold or silver chain necklace.

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