Get Your Healthy and Beautiful Skin with Serious Skin Care

Hi, ladies. Today we are going to have some serious skin care reviews. As most of us have known, a healthy and beautiful skin is one of the most important things to have among the female community. Every girl certainly want to look gorgeous all the time. It is already like their main mission. To accomplish it, they have to purchase a large amount of money on skin care products. There are so many companies which have been selling those items. It is too many to mention one by one for sure. However, today we will focus on one company, and it is called as Serious Skincare. If you want your skin to be healthy and divine at the same time, you might want to read our review about this company.

Serious Skin Care reviews

What is Serious Skincare?

Serious Skincare is a brand of cosmetics which is founded by Lesa Stock and her co-founder, Jennifer Flavin – Stallone. This company was actually started its business as an acne treatment line. It focused on finding solutions to take care of acnes, one of the most troublesome issues for skin. Then, it extends its venture in which they begin to marketing non-acnes products. Anti-aging, sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines are only a few problems they have managed to solve. Their products have brought them into a massive success. There is a number of positive Serious Skin Care reviews given by customers which are happy with their items.

Company’s Products

This cosmetics brand has many types of item for skin. One of the most successful ones is their goods for acne treatment. As an example, they have Clearz It Acne Treatment. It will completely get rid of the acnes on our face. In addition, we can also apply it to deal with blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. Not only that because it can also prevent the development of new acnes. No wonder it is so famous, isn’t it? Besides selling skin care products, they also have beauty products a.k.a. make-up. We can find things like eyeliner, concealer, and lipstick complete with make-up tools. What’s more is they also offer some bath and body items. In this part, they provide olive oil body scrub and lots of hair treatments (e.g. shampoo, masks, conditioner, and repair). About the cost, it has a wide of price range. Yet, it is not highly expensive, which means they are still affordable to buy. This is another reason of the good Serious Skin Carereviews.

Maintaining Healthy Skin with Natural Skin Care Products

What are your best natural skin care products? Most people all over the world must concern about their skin health. They want to takecare of it so that they can be more confident while being out of public. In order to do that, they have to buy a number of items for theirskin. However, not all of them are good to apply because of its side effects from the chemical content. That is the reason why people prefer to find the one made of natural ingredients, which are much safer to use. So far, there have been several natural products produced by various companies. In this article, we have mentioned a few of them which we might think to be the best natural skin care products.

best natural skin care products

The Body Shop

The Body Shop International plc or simply known as The Body Shop is the second biggest worldwide cosmetics franchise company which was founded by Dame Anita Roddick. This firm has been in business for about 39 years since March 26, 1976. It is actually the subsidiary of L’Oreal, another popular cosmetics company. Anyway, Body Shop is well-known for their many kinds of products, includingskin care, which are made of natural ingredients.

They have been marketing various skin care goods such as cleansers, toners, serums, etc. Not only do they target women as their customers, but they also sell some products specially for men. Besides being natural, they do some social activities as well, and two of them are ‘Against Animal Testing’ and ‘Protect the Planet’. Due to these acts, their products are considered to be 100% for vegetarian (non-vegetarian can also use it).

Derma e®

Derma e® was actually not a big skin care company in the beginning. It was started as a local health food store in Southern California. One of their very first products at that time is a moisturizing cream with 12.000 I.U Vitamin E. Some customers found it to be an amazing product that made the company achieving their success. After many years passed, they began to produce other products which successfully turned them into one of the largest facial care corporations in the United States.

The items they are selling are quite mixed. For instance, they have BB creme, scrubs, masks, and many others. All of their products are originally made of natural ingredients. Additionally, similar to The Body Shop, they are aware of environmental issue like animal welfare. These natural as well as eco-friendly factors make us considering Derma e® to be one of the best natural skin care products.

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