Get Stylish With Roaring Twenties Fashion

Do you like vintage clothing? Perhaps, roaring twenties fashion could be the right choice for you. What happens and what to do with that fashion style are the first thing you have to understand. The main principle of fashion in the nineteen twenties was all about comfort. In other words, men used to wear pants, which were wider, and the women stopped wearing their corsets and tight dresses.  While, the elder women of the age considered this as scandalous and still held the thought that women should not show the ankle. For those who like unique style in fashion, the style is a good alternative. It incorporates comfort and dramatic color combination.

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What to wear by women

If you are one of the fans of roaring twenties fashion, then you have to know what to wear. Men and women have different trends. For women, choose Flapper. It is the most identical fashion item of ninety twenties, as the women at that ear used to wear shorter skirts. They thought the skirts were comfortable enough for having parties all night long. Additionally, you must leave your corsets behind in nineteen-nineteen and put on a cloche hat to cover their short locks, and then drop your dress waistlines to your low hips.

What to wear by men

The change in men’s style was not as drastic as the change of the women’s fashion. As what women tent to hold comfort as the main principle, men at that decade used to wear knickers. Most of men of college really like that outfit. If you want to go for business in the roaring twenties fashion spirit, then you have to go casual. Choose to wear a wide, loose fitting pant, called Oxford Bags. You do not have to wear ties all the time. However, you must notice the norm of your office wear. You cannot wear the outfit, if your office does not allow it.

Do not be afraid with the colors. Try to mix what you already have in your closet, especially if your grandmother or your grandfather have kept the roaring twenties fashion. Try to fix the minor damage of the vintage collection, especially if you have skill in sewing. You can go with either bright or pale colors. Dramatic combination is the main principle of the roaring twenties fashion. You will be eye catching wearing such dramatic combination during the night party.

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