Fruit of the Earth Cream for Skin Review

“Fruit of the earth vitamin E skin care cream” already catch my attention since a few moments ago. Like we all know, this product is huge in popularity and I saw so many nice comments and reviews here and there. Even though lately I found a negative review but in good terms from certain website, but I think that the community of online fields are not feeling bothered at all. Well, here is my comment about this famous product.

The company profile

This product is produced by the Fruit of the Earth Inc. they are a company from US and it is established since 1980. Until now I can see that the company is focusing the product and the brand on anything that is related with personal treatment or care products.

The products are based on the extract of aloe vera. The famous products are aloe vera juices and sunscreen cream. Based on my discovering activity, I found that some of their products use the chemical substances as one of the ingredients in the skin care formula. The chemical substance is pretty harsh and it makes the skin care products become poor in quality.

Vitamin E skin care cream

Actually the purpose of the cream is to moisturize your skin. This product receives huge attention due to the ability of managing the skin, give the prettier sense as well as keep the skin moist all day long. And the combo value is you can purchase it at very low price if we compare with other vitamin E skin care cream.

I found that most people give 8 out of 10 for this ream due to the price which is not expensive. But unfortunately, it will give bad impact for you. It is not totally safe for the health of your skin. You should pay more attention because if the product with high intake of chemical substance is used in your daily life with regular basis, it could harm yourself. Just be careful.

It could be happened because one of the ingredients that contained in the cream has close relation with endocrine disruption. The other is associated with sort of radical productions in excessive amount. It could lead to the cancer, damage the DNA quality, and even turn on the cancer cells. So you should check the Fruit of the Earth vitamin E skin care cream.

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