French Fashion Designers You Need to Know

Talking about french fashion designers can be one of the greatest fashion topic. French mode and style has been one of the greatest inspirations to the world. Its classic style, its contemporary fashion, and even its fashion invention give great impacts to the fashion world.

Why French fashion?

Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and many more. They are the answer why it should be French we are talking about. The old school of those fashion designers are also in Paris. Furthermore, since Madeleine Vionnet in 1920s the bias cut, there are more reasons to call French as a world fashion capital. For French has also been one of the best fashion invention since 18th century, younger designers will always look for French as their role model. It leads a lot new fashion designers and brands develop in French and sell to all over the world.

The Ideas of French Fashion

Fashion designer you should know

The first younger fashion designer from this country is Ophelie Klere & Francois Alary. These two designers are working for Devastee. This brand offers you great fashion style in black and white accent. Especially for their 2013 fall and winter collection, this brand shows their best work on cutting the fabrics and choosing fun motives and accessories which are designed by those two french fashion designers.

The second is Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant introduces her funky style which is combined with eclectic bohemian and tomboy styles. Most of her designs also emphasized traditional Parisian style which is liked by a lot of people. It is old and new at the same time. The third is Elisa Brothers, who are Alexander, Laurent, and Raphael Elisa. They get a big success for Comptoir des Cotonnier brands and Kooples brands. They offers you a super beautiful real life couple fashion style. They are awesome at showing of gender equality in fashion through choosing the fabric material and pattern. They also offer you a luxurious touch even for casual outfit which makes you look gorgeous.

The fourth is Alice Lemoine. She is an amazing young fashion designer who is only 28 years old! Her best designs offer you various kind of knitwear with Lemoine Tricote brand. Her knitwear is designed with handmade materials which give modest and elegant look for any gender. The best of Lemoine Tricote is that they give you unique shape and cut which remind you of some popular spot in Paris. It makes Alice Lemoine one of french fashion designers you should know.

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