Fixing Old-Effect in Your Skin Hands

Beside anti-aging face cream, anti-aging hand cream is also a must thing that women should have. Moreover, when your age is already 40, the wrinkles and veins in your hands can strike anytime without your permission. It is a big problem for women these days, especially for those who want to keep beautiful in their old-ages

However, the wrinkles and veins that appear in your hand are not striking without any reasons. Skin doctors’ skincare specialist, Andrew Petrou concludes that the skin in the hands is thinner than the skin in the face. It can be caused by several reasons. Since these problems have become a main problem for women, here are several facts about aging problem in the hands and how to fix it.

Fixing Old-Effect in Your Skin Hands

Age Spots

In this case, age spots do not have any relation with your own age actually. It is happened and caused by sun exposure that your hands receive. In simple words, the sun exposure that your hands receive everyday will make your hands look older day by day. Besides using anti-aging hand cream, it will be better if you use gloves while you are in outdoor activities. The more your hands covered from sun exposure, the healthier your hands will be.

Wrinkled Skin

Two of many reasons that make your hands skin look wrinkled are cigarette’s smoke and vehicle emission. Those two things consist of several substances that make your skin will grow old faster than the other women who are not touched by smoke and vehicle emission. Stop smoking is the best thing that you need to do to reduce the wrinkled on your hands.

Scaly Skin

Same case as wrinkled skin, the smoke and vehicle emission can also make your hands look scaly. The scaly skin will make you look older and it is a big problem, since women always want to be looked younger than their ages. Keep your hands fresh which means you can wash your hands as much as possible.

Besides those two things, there are a lot of reasons why your hands look older, and also several tips to fix it and reduce the old-effect. One point, the presence of anti-aging hand cream is really helpful. Use it routinely is one of many things that you can do to help the old-effect in your hands. So, it is not only anti-aging face cream, but also anti-aging hand cream which is very needed by aged-women.

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