Fashion style guide to look stylish

Should be observed that our age will increases, so that we must be more careful in choosing fashion style guide, If you’re struggling to look elegant, they can be looked ‘rigid’ and older than their actual age. Conversely, if you’re struggling to look ‘young’, could be the appearance will look childish. That’s why a mature age women should pay attention to the trend (tendency) mode, to match the proportions of the body, skin color, personality, also age. If necessary, you also have to be brave to play with the accessories, colors, and motifs, the elegant corridor.

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In fashion, we desperately need other people’s opinions as suggestions, opinions and positive criticism. The point, in addition to know how far the perception others have about the fashion taste as well as our selection of clothing and accessories, can also be measured by whether we deserve to apply the style. Note well what fashion items most of our collection? Shoes, bags, belts, accessories, jewelry, scarves, outcomes, or other? If you already know, make it as a characteristic that can always be inserted as a character when dressed. Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. Yeah, but, until now still deciding the appropriate fashion style guide and fit the character, age and your personality?


Here are tips for fashion style guide to look stylish

Involve bright colors

  • If your clothing collection mostly dark or neutral shades, give the fashion equivalent of bright colors.
  • If you do not dare to wear brightly colored clothing, start by using accessories are bright and large that could be the focus of your appearance.
  • Avoid bright colors are the same from head to toe. If you want a monochromatic image (color), choose clothing and accessories different bright color level.

Animal print

  • Choose a leopard motif that seemed modern.
  • Choose simple cut animal print clothing, such as long jackets, shirts, sheath dress, tunic, or a straight skirt.
  • Avoid combining animal print dress with matching patterned accessories. Pair patterned animal print dress with contrasting color accessories that seem chic.
  • Do not ever think to collect patterned animal print pants.

Ethnic motifs

  • This fashion style guide point is combining ethnic motifs with a simple and modern fashion.
  • You can apply the concept of hit-motif, for example, ethnic motifs combine with gingham, stripes, or polka-dot, but make sure the colors match.
  • Avoid accessories ethnic style is too ‘heavy’.
  • Forget ethnic patterned loose clothing or funky stylized.

Jackets and blazers that fits in the body

  • Forget a jacket or blazer loose (loose). Choose a jacket or blazer silhouette follows the shape of the body.
  • If you like blazer along the hips as possible to cover a wide area of your hips, you can wrap the belt that matched seem stylish.
  • Do not hesitate to use military-style jacket or blazer, safari, or patterned vertical lines (pinstripes) being in. But choose one that is simple and has minimal detail.
  • Long Blazer perfect paired with knee-length skirts, while the short jacket can be paired with wide-legged pants.
  • Avoid combining a jacket or blazer with pants or a skirt similar, which will make you look old-fashioned and stiff. Pair patterned jacket or blazer with denim or cotton clothing of neutral colors.

Knee-length skirts are ‘chic’

  • Avoid skirts that are too long, tight, or short.
  • Forget skirt has pleated detail that just makes you look childish.
  • Replace the A-line skirt with a straight skirt (straight skirt), a skirt cut oblique (can cut skirt), or flare skirt (skirt pieces for example is 8). The skirt can disguise hips contain.
  • Ensure that the length of the skirt falls right in the knee (bone covering the kneecap).
  • In order to impress a chic, knee-length skirts combine with slim-heeled shoes of 5-7 cm.
  • Avoid skirts and lots of detail. But if you want to be different with a skirt stack model (peasant skirt), mix with simple tops. Remember to maintain the balance of the proportions between the upper and lower body.

Mismatched shoes

  • This fashion style guide key is always matched a dress or skirt with high-heeled shoes, between 5-7 cm.
  • Shoes wedges, platform, or stacked heels very well with pants, and make legs look ladder.
  • Flat shoes can be combined with capri pants or dress casual.
  • If you are not familiar with high heels, try kitten heels (heels of 2-3 cm). Comfortable feet, you also appear chic.

Silhouette trousers

  • It is mandatory to remember: forget-cut baggy pants! Choose straight-cut pants or classic models.
  • If you want to look stylish and modern, wear wide-legged pants. For your body looks disproportionate, wear high-heeled shoes; wedges, platform, or stacked heels.
  • If you want to wear high-waisted pants (high-waisted pants), select the detail in the area of the waist, stomach and hips minimal. This model is suitable for you who have slim hips.
  • Avoid waist pants too low (low-waisted pants). You should select a fall of fitting in between the waist and hips!

Modern with masculine suit

  • Select a setting from prime quality material neutral color or classical motifs, such as pinstripes, herring bone, and hounds tooth.
  • Avoid floral patterned suit, box, or abstract, because it can make you look very ‘old’.
  • Select a matching shirt as the innards, such as shirts of bright colors.

Need a lot of good references fashion style guide from magazines, television, videos of fashion shows, books, celebrities or public figures, people around, fashion blogger, fashion people or designer. No need to choose one, in exactly the fashion we are forced to indirectly mix some inspiration into a concept view. Select some references and try to apply ourselves, look in the mirror and find where the style that fits or not properly used. After that, reapply small surveys as a first step. It’s okay to mix inspiration in a draft reference styles to create a unique look, but still have to be impressed polite and really fit the personality. Try to gradually implement the new performance style which is certainly convenient to us. Usually it takes a little time to adapt and accept comments or criticism from others.

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