Famous Women in History

There are four beautiful women who became famous women in history, four beautiful women come from the history of ancient China famed for their beauty, and this four women is a genuine historical figure, but because of the scarcity of historical records about them makes much of what is known of them today have been embellished by legend. They gained a reputation from their influence made on the king and emperor in Chinese history.

Four beautiful women living in four different dynasties, each hundreds of years apart, here is the order they:

Xi Shi

Xi Shi is one of the leaders of China’s four most beautiful women in the last days of spring and autumn. She was born around Kuaiji, Zhejiang region which now become Shi Yikuang. She called Xi Shi because she lived in the village surnamed Shi that is located in the west village neighbors. According to the story, Xi Shi stays in Zhuji, the capital of Yue in the days of spring and autumn. Xi Shi was so beautiful, the fish also drown or hideaway in shame when Xi Shi washing clothes in the river.

Wang Qiang or Wang Zhaojun

Wang Qiang is one of four beautiful women in history; according to history her beauty can drop the birds are flying. She was born in a family that was in the area that is now located in Xingshan country, Hubei province in the south of Han empire. On her way to Xiongnu, she is famous by jacket plucking musical instrument pipes and riding horses.

Diao Chan

According to history, beauty of Diao Chan makes clouds covered by the moon. The meaning is, Diao Chan cover the beauty of the full moon. Diao Chan was the waiter of Wang Yun who has been regarded as their own children. Wang Yun wear finesse beautiful woman with Diao Chan’s own approval to divide Dong Zhuo, who was ruled arbitrary by Lu Bu, once the mainstay commander Dong Zhuo foster child of Dong Zhuo.

Yang Yuhuan

Yang Yuhuan or Yang Guifei is one of four beautiful women in China. Her beauty supposedly makes the flowers are blooming even be embarrassed. She is famous by her relationship with Li Liongji or emperor Xuanzong of Tang, which is actually her father in law. She later became one of the most powerful women in the palace during the history of China, but later executed for protesting power Anshi uprising Yang family.

There are four beautiful famous women in history, lot of history about famous women in history but this time this article shared with readers of the four beautiful women in the history of China.

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