Famous Korean Men Fashion

Korean men fashion must be related to the booming of the K-Pop and many Korean drama series in television right now. Yes, many people outside Korea now want to dress like a Korean because the outfits and the style of Korean fashion now are so adorable. That is why famous Korean brands, both for men and women, are now often sought by many people. However, if you re looking for nice Korean fashion brand for men and managed to go to South Korea, particularly in Seoul, you can go looking for the stores from the Korean fashion brands below. They have amazing products of Korean men fashion that will make you look dashing wearing them.

Korean Men Fashion Beyond Closet

This fashion brand Beyond Closet is a Korean’s most famous menswear label. The brand was established by a well kn own Korean fashion designer Ko Tae Yong. The inspiration for Ko Tae Yong to create the men fashion was from “Boys Over Flowers” drama series that was very famous in Korea. The brand was first launched in 2008 and in the brand you can find many manly but adorable outfits for men such as classic baseball jackets, button-downs, sports jackets, shirts, and so on. All of them are in vibrant colors like reds, yellows, and blues. The products from Beyond Closet are suitable to be worn by men in their twenties and thirties. The outfits will keep their masculinity without neglecting the signature Korean boy cuteness. If you are now in South Korea, you can come to their store or showroom. It is located in B1, 560-2, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. However, you can also buy their products via online by visiting their website.

Korean Men Fashion MVIO

This fashion brand is also intended for men and the menswear label is also often considered as the best menswear label in Korea. MVIO is the fashion brand which is so perfect for men who love dressing up. Any men who are looking for the stuff that can make them look good looking just have to stop in this store and shopping. The clothes from this brand are casual, trendy, and sophisticated. MVIO was established and up until today is led by an incredibly creative fashion director named Han Sanghyuk. His designs are completed with traditional cuts, sleek impressions, and aggressively stylish design with slightly android twist. You can visit the store in Lotte Department Store, Seoul or you can also the product of this Korean men fashion via online.

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