Famous Fashion Events in The World

For those who follows the development in the fashion world would be very devastated if they miss one of the most popular fashion events such as the Fashion Week. The famous fashion events are functioned as a media for people to look for a new fashion for the on coming season and for designers to show off their capabilities in designing high quality fashionable clothes that are very unique. If you are someone who are interested in following the development inside the fashion world, you should not miss the fashion events that are listed below.

1. Paris Fashion Week Fashion Events

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It is everybody’s secret that the city of Paris is the center of the fashion wolrd’s civilization and everything that is shown in shops of Paris will bring a great fashion wave through out the world. One of the most popular fashion events in the world and one that you should not miss is the Paris Fashion Week. The event is held twice a year, first to show the collection for spring and summer seasons and the second one for the autumn and winter seasons.

2. Milan Men’s Fashion Week


The fashion world is not only owned by women. Men are also taking part in many aspects of the world. One of the biggest men’s fashion event is Milan Men’s Fashion Week. This event is first held when the news of Alexander McQueen and Burberry deciding to stop showing their products and moving to London hit the public ears. However, a fashion show that showcase other top brand in fashion worlds such as Frankie Morello, Prada, and Giorgio Armani brings back the soul of men’s design to Milan. The Milan Men’s Fashion Week is one of the most famous men’s fashion events in the world.


3. New York Fashion Week

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The New York Fashion Week is rated as one of the four biggest fashion events in the world since New York is also one of the capitals of the fashion world. Similar to the fashion week in Paris, New York Fashion Week is also held two times a year, in February and September. Many big names and brands are showing their newest collection of the season at the events. The main goal of the New York Fashion Week is to show the American fashion that is somewhat always over shadowed by the fashion designs from Europe, especially the French Fashion and clothes designs.

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