European Fashion Guide for You

Many people are thinking that many of the European country is the center of the fashion world so that for them to be fashionable they should dress like the European. Many people who come to Europe are also looking for tips on how to dress like the Europeans and looking for European fashion guide. If you are one of these people looking to be directed in the right direction so that will fit well when you visit Europe, you can follow some of the tips below.

1. How to Dress Like European Fashion

Many of us think that European people are buying all their clothes at a famous designer boutique since their looks fit on their body. They actually shop at the same place as the rest of us, the only different thing they do is they will bring the clothes they brought to a tailor to make the clothes fit their body. That is why all the clothes they bought looks very suitable for their body. The European fashion is actually also very simple. They often wear classic and timeless accessories along with their simple yet fashionable clothes.


2. Make Your Hair Simple

The slick black, stick straight, or overly curled hair will not do when you are visiting or even living in Europe. If you want to follow the hair code for European fashion you need to keep your hair simple and make it as natural as possible. Many European women prefer to have their hair long and naturally arranged. So, the simple high pony tail or the messy bun look are two of the most common hair style in Europe. Some of the people might also dyed their hair in various bizarre color but not many people are doing this. The most common hair color in Europe is brunette.

3. Choose the Right Shoes

Aside from choosing the right clothes, you should also choose the right shoes to wear so that you can fit right in the code of European fashion. Many of the women living in the cities of European countries wear high heels in their everyday activities. If the cobblestones that covered most of the streets in Europe are too difficult to navigate, you should wear a pair of wedges. You should also complete your shoes collection with a pair of boots for the colder seasons and another pair of ankle height boots for the rest of the seasons.

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