Easy Tips How to Take Care of Your Skin

Do you know really how to take care of your skin? Forget about expensive treatments or going to a beauty salon every day. Indeed, thebest way to take care of your skin is always be part of your daily routine.

Easy Tips How to Take Care of Your Skin

Facial night ritual

Let’s start having some simple facial night ritual. It is really easy. You just need warm water and wash clothes. After you wash your face with your facial foam, make sure you pick the right facial foam for your skin, you just need to wash you face with warm water. Do it slowly so the temperature of the warm water open the pores and clean every single of your facial pores.

And then, you have to gently scrub your face with wet wash clothes. Do it slowly and gently to make sure you don’t irritate your facial skin, but remove all of dead skin, sebum, oil and any make left. This simple facial treatment will help you remove not only make up and dead cell skin perfectly, but also remove any foam that might be left and trigger your skin to grow new cells. It also helps your skin get relax and ready to absorb anynight facial cream you want to apply.

SPF cream is a must

No matter how great your skin treatment is and no matter high vitamin content your facial products have, it is still a must for you to protect your skin with some UV filter. At least you have already applied some SPF cream to not only your face, but also your neck and around your ear, ten minutes before your daily activities. It prevents wrinkles effectively and keeps your skin moist at the same time. Don’t forget to always stay hydrated, drink enough water help your skin to stay in its best condition and being more immune to any UV and free radical. It is indeed a simple step of how to take care of your skin.

Hygiene matters

Besides thinking about the products and the treatments for your skin, you have to always pay attention on the hygiene matters. Let’s start with your make up applicator, at least you have to replace your sponge and any make applicator which you use to apply something directly to your skin every three months. Don’t forget to change your sheet and pillow case twice a month. Every time you sleep, there are a lot of dead skin cells fall of and stuck on your bed. Hygiene should always be part of your how to take care of your skin system.

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