Dressing up for Prom Night on Budget

Who does not want to look pretty on their prom night?  Either you are going with your friends or with your date, of course you still want to look your best.  On prom night you can wear anything you want, from old fashioned dresses to a swirling, glittering blue dress Cinderella wear on the Prince Charming’s ball.

Tips and Tricks on Choosing the Best Prom Dress

Even if you are on budget, that does not mean you cannot dress up fancily. Stay tune to read tips to prepare for prom night.

  1. Save up

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it works nicely.  The date assigned for prom usually does not differ much from the last year.  With the last year’s date in mind, you know when to start saving up.  If you are very tight on money, start six months ahead, even a year ahead.  Remember that you also have to pay for the prom ticket, so saving up will be very useful.

  1. Browse for the ‘one’ ahead

Assuming that you have saved up for six months, now you have plenty money to spend.  Do not be stingy and choose mediocre dress.  Use it as much as you want, because you earn it.  Hunting for the best prom dress a month before your prom.  This gives you time to think, and the pretty dresses have not been bought by other girl yet.  This is true, especially if you do not save up.  Having more money just means you have more options to choose from.

  1. Do not be ashamed to look at the thrift store

Hey, go to thrift store!  Secondhand does not mean it is bad—look at Macklemore, he looks fine in hand-me-down jackets, right?  Old fashioned dresses are especially the star of the dresses available in thrift store.  Prom dress is usually only worn one or twice before people sell them, so the condition should be still good to wear.

What to wear?

What you are wearing should be matched with the theme of your prom.  For award – night theme, such as Grammy or Oscar, you can look at the actresses or singer’s style.  Grammy night should be more glamorous, whilst Oscar has a more subdued, classy feel.  For vintage-themed prom, you might want to go with old-fashioned dresses.  If you do not know what to wear, just remember that black will never go wrong.

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