Cool Mens Fashion Trends

The world of fashion is always changing according the present trend. The latest trend appears generally originated by a public figure that wearing those clothes that in the end looks fashionable and cool. It will then follow by people who like the fashion style of the well-known public figure. What about the mens fashion trends? Fashion for men is usually the same for each year and changed only a little.

Double denim for mens fashion trends

Besides looks casual, denim is also suitable for semi formal events. It just must be combined with other clothing that is not too monotonous. For example jeans combined with long sleeved shirt. In the fashion world, there is double denim term that refers to wearing denim for top to bottom. Tops can be a jacket or a denim shirt, while the bottom can be jeans or short denim. But to wear double denim, you must pay attention to the color gradations, the top and bottom should not have similar color and material especially if it looked unkempt.

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Gingham and striped pattern

Wearing gingham and striped pattern becomes a trend again nowadays because it is suitable for use by a wide variety of body shapes and you only have to choose the right motive. For those with thin body should select clothes with plaid and large horizontal lines. As for those who have big size, it is advised to use small gingham and stripes motives.

Cool Mens Fashion Trends

Floral pattern

It is a common knowledge now if this pattern in mens fashion trends is increasingly favored by some people although slowly. Successful trend is the proliferation of floral pattern contributed many of the expensive brands such as Givenchy and line like Hype. Furthermore, other brands are following to popularize this floral pattern. The key of wearing floral pattern is wearing a fashion item with floral pattern to be the focused item of your appearance then neutralized it with neutral and uninteresting items for example, for a beach party or holiday; wear only floral shirts or T-shirts with a floral pattern with beige or khaki chino simply wear sandals. For evening, you can also wear long pants with a floral pattern white short-sleeved shirt and loafers.

Army green

Striped plain military color will replace last year trend. Uniquely, this color actually looks simple but you can even mix and match it with other colors such as navy blue. If you are still hesitant to come out with these two colors, first try navy blue jeans with army green colored jumper for starters.
How is it? Are you ready to hang out and look cool with mens fashion trends?

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