Cindy Crawford Skin Care

Readers, do you know Cindy Crawford? Yes, Cynthia Ann Crawford or Cindy Crawford is a supermodel from USA. Model who born on1966, began her career in 1986 until present. Roughly, what the secret of Cindy to be a model? Yes, her secret is her appearance. She is very maintaining her appearance, especially Cindy Crawford skin care.

What do you want to know about this product? Cindy admitted that there is no secret about the ageless. Cindy said “quite do the things you know to look younger” and these things are:

Do not smoking

When you are smoking, toxic substances a kind of carbon monoxide, nicotine and ammonia and other toxic gases in the smaller amount will follow and be sucked into the blood circulation. Nicotine that is absorbted into the circulation will trigger plaques in blood vessel walls, thus minimizing the width of the caliber of capillary vessels including capillary vessels smooth flowing to the skin system. This is can be loss of skin color becomes pale hue and fresh less.


Get sleep enough

Get sleep enough 7-8 hours a day is not only beneficial to health, but for beauty too. When sleeping, the body occured various processes to restore the skin’s natural beauty, when sleeping skin performing various cellular repair processes, reduce skin irritation and skin appear glowing. One signs that is easily visibles when someone sleep less usually called with “panda eyes”, dark circles around the eyes usually occur when a person have sleep deprivation. Under eye circles there are blue veins, when you sleep less, automatic production of fluid which obscures the view of the blood vessel to be reduced.

Drink a lot of water

By drink a lot of water, the skin will not become dry and avoid to wrinkles. Because, water will makes our skin be moist and fresh.

Do what makes you happy

Do what makes you happy will reduces your stress levels, because the happiness will make you calm and fresh from your daily activity that make you tired. Do what makes you happy you can do from travelling, hang out with your friends, or may be go to spa for relaxation your body.

It is 4 secrets of Cindy Crawford skin care. Do you want to try and get a beautiful skin like Cindy? I think just do 4 tips above you can imitate her lifestyle readers!

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