Becoming A Sexy and Beautiful Woman with Spanish Fashion

What crosses in your mind when we talk about Spain? Well, some of us might think of its Spanish fashion in which the women there wearing traje de flamenca. This term means flamenco outfit in English. It is worn by Spanish dancer to do flamenco dancing. The dress is well-known for its tight-fitting on the top with massice flowing skirt at the bottom. Its design aims to give them an exaggerating yet beautiful dance movements.


Due to its popularity, many fashion designers are inspired to create some dresses with flamenco outfit as its basic form. Of course, some designs can be worn as a normal outfit, but others are made only for fashion art. In this article, we will discuss those normal outfits you could wear in your daily life.

Becoming A Sexy and Beautiful Woman with Spanish Fashion

Hanging Out

If you ever see flamenco dress, you must realize that it cannot be worn for hangout. The excessive design could be troublesome when you walk around. However, this typical Spanish fashion has been improved into various types of clothes which could be used to take a stroll. First, try to wear a maxi dress. Flamenco outfit is popular with its flowery features as well as bright colors. So, you could put on a maxi in bright orange with blue and purple flower patterns on it.

Second, you could also try a combination of crop top and maxi skirt. For the top, wear a plain yellow crop top with long sleeves. Mix this top with a high waist maxi skirt with colorful flower patterns. The patterns is better be all over the skirt so your style will seem more interesting.

Having A Party

Besides as a hangout clothes, flamenco dress also inspires some designers to make a number of outfits used for a party. Hence, there are some Spanish fashion styles you could use in a party. We have two different dresses for two types of parties for you here, which are formal and non-formal. For the formal party, you may wear a long sleeves and round neckline mermaid gown. On both sleeves, the upper elbow is tight-fitting, while the lower is loose in shape of A-line.

The loose parts are better made of lace. Black or red maroon is the perfect color for this one. Meanwhile, the dress we suggest for a non-formal party is a knee-length strapless dress. The skirt part is in shape of A-line and using flowery features to create a flamenco outfit look. Ruffles are the other optional you could use for that. About the color, we say red maroon is a great choice.

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