Becoming a Fashion Designer as Jobs: Why Not?

Doodling has been one of your main hobbies to do when you are bored.  You do it everywhere.  You especially like sketching people and you pay special attention to what they wear.  Hmm, maybe fashion designer jobs are not so bad for you!

Why a Fashion Designer Jobs is Awesome

You often hear people say, “Major in business,” or “Major in law,” or, “Engineering is great,”.  It is rare to hear people saying, “You should go to fashion designing,”.  There is a myth that it is a major for those who are not accepted in the ‘high-class’ majors, such as business, law, medicine, or engineering.  This is not true.  If you have the talent, the diligence, and the spirit to work hard, you can be a fashion designer—a successful one!  These reasons are why you want fashion designer jobs.

  1. Good pay

Even if you are not a well-known fashion designer, you will still have a good pay for each design that you make.  When you are successful, you can get millions just from one design.

  1. Travelling

You will do a good deal of travelling.  You will be invited into fashion shows to design runways clothes or simply become a guest.

  1. Befriending celebrities and famous people

Fashion designing is an entirely different world from engineering or medicine.  It is glamorous and full of dynamics.  There is a bigger chance of you to sell your designs to famous people, especially if you have unique design.

How to Sell Your Designs

Fashion designing is not only about creating clothes—it is also about business, especially marketing.  You have to know how to market your clothes.  When you do not have a clear target market, the possibility of your design sold will be less.  These are the tips to avoid that, especially for a new fashion designer.

  1. Promote your designs through social networks

Internet is one of the fastest way—and cheapest—to market your designs.  Social networks can make your design go viral just in one night.  Utilize what you have!  Do not forget to link back on your personal website or portfolio.

  1. Sell them online

As of lately, there are a lot of websites which specifically sells clothing from amateur fashion designers.  Do not be afraid to make friends here and sell your designs here.

  1. Bring business card everywhere

Make a business card that reflects your fashion designer jobs.  Wear your own design—every time somebody is complimenting what you wear, say that you design it yourself and give your business card to them.

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