Be Stylist Men For Summer

It is always fun to talk about summer fashion, not only for women, it will be including mens summer fashion. There some basic tips you have to pay attention to get yourself in fashion this summer. It is more than just a style, it is about comfort.

Pick the right clothes for every event

Before talking about which kind of fashion style you will be fit for this summer, you also have to think about what are going to do this summer. Some people would love to get on to vacation abroad, spending their time in the summer sunshine in the beach. Some people would love to go abroad, experiencing new culture, meeting new people and walking in some different places which you might have to attend some formal occasions.

For relaxing occasion you can choose cotton knee length pants with light cotton T-shirt and sandals. It will be the most comfortable and stylist performance. You can also wear a cotton short sleeved shirt. These cotton materials will keep the temperature lower, so you don’t have to worry about sweating every time. It will also be perfect for you to choose light color like white, blue, or brown. Be careful with shocking color, some guys just don’t go with shocking or electric color. If you need some formal clothes to attend formal occasion, cotton pants and shirt would be a great choice. You can easily combine them with any matching blazer to create more formal look. Besides the clothe selection, mens summer fashion will be more attractive when you put some accessories.

mens summer fashion

Greatest accessories for summer

It should be cool and fashionable at the same time. The greatest ideas for man accessories in summer are sunglasses and hat. To pick the right sunglasses you have to pay attention to first your face shape. Every man has his own face line, like tough cheek or diamond face. Pick the sunglasses which have design and size that fit your face. Second, pay attention to the color. Should it be completely black or have gradation color? How about other colors like brown or blue? To pick the right color you also have to consider where you want to wear the sunglasses, the black one will be perfect to be worn in the beach while the gradation color will be more flexible.

For you who would love to wear a hat or cap, you have to match it with your clothes. It is not only about color. The most important is the fashion style, take for example putting on a hat and a blazer at the same time, it can be a disaster! Make sure you choose sporty clothing. To come to certain formal occasion, wearing shoes with the same color and match material with your belt is the best decision of any mens summer fashion.

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