Be Fun and Fresh with Indie Fashion

A music concert is coming soon, but you still have no idea about what to wear? If that is the case, there is one perfect style for you, and it is indie fashion look. This fashion style allows everyone to be free and fun with their own personal look. The goal of it is to create a young and fresh looking appearance for the wearer. Due to this reason, many people choose it in order to go to a music festival like Coachella. In this article, we will discuss two indie looks for young girls, which are girly and boyish.


Be Fun and Fresh with Indie Fashion

Girly Indie Fashion

Girly refers to feminine. It means that when someone wants to have a girly style, she must wear clothes which could bring out her feminine side. And that is what we will use to create indie fashion. This type of look is quite easy to bring on since there are many clothes which are considered to be feminine. For example, it could be a one-piece dress, a skirt, a blouse, etc. In this part, we have one simple look yet beautiful to wear for a music concert. For both top and bottom, we have a dress mainly made of lace.

The perfect color for this one is beige. To make it more interesting, you may wear a belt which has a shocking color like turquise green. Skinny or statement belt, choose whichever you like. Combine the outfit with a brown leather boots for the footwear. Since this is a fun style, you are allowed to put on several accessories such as colorful bracelet, silver or gold arm bracelet and a gold ring. Flowery headband or wide brim hat is a good choice for your head accessories. One brown backpack with tassel feature will be a great final touch for this look.

Boyish Indie Fashion

The second style is boyish. This one contrasts to the first look. If the girly means feminine, boyish is masculine. So now, here is the boyish indie fashion which could add a masculine feature on your appearance. First, wear a simple light grey T-shirt with no patterns at all. Second, put on a moss green jacket as an outerwear. Third, pair the top with a black tight-fitting pants and combine them with a skinny belt in brown colors. A braided belt is preferable. Fourth, use a black ankle boots (no heels) as your footwear. Last, bring a black clutch with a batik pattern on one side as a finishing touch. Wearing accessories is optional.

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