Basic Rules of Fashion for Older Women

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you can’t look chic and stylish. You can look up to many senior celebrities who succeed in looking stylish in their old age. It’s true that age can put some limit on the choices of clothes that you can wear, but you still have long list of fashion for older women. Most people worry to choose bright color as they grow older. It seems that they think only young women fit for bright colors, which older women should choose for dark gloomy colors. With the right design and accessories, even bright colors can still make older women looked appealing.

Of course it’s not true that older women can only wear dark colors. There’s no such laws that prevent women from choosing any clothes that they want. The most important rule is to dress as the occassion. That’s the basic rule that also goes for young woman. While for older women, it’s much better to tone down the design a little bit. By toning down it means to choose for simple design. Indeed, fashion for older women should have simple design line with minimum accessories. It will make you looked elegant in your age. Even if you used to dress all out with flashy design and accessories,

it’s better to tone it down a little bit. Have you seen how Judy Dench, Meryl Streep or Julie Andrews dress? They always appear in simple dresses that make them look elegant. Even though they have grown old, they still look stunning in every appearance. It’s because they can choose the right design of their dress with much simple details.

Basic Rules of Fashion for Older Women LF 2

Other than simple design and model, older women also need to pay attention on their accessories. It’s totally fine to put on one or two jewelry in your appearance. However, you need to know how to keep yourself from overexposing your accessories. Just like clothing design, simple jewelry will make the best companion for older women.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to maximize on the quality than on the quantity. It’s more elegant to put on one diamond jewelry in simple design compare to wear several shiny but fake jewelry. To complete your appearance, you will need a pair of good shoes and bag. As you grow older, you may want to switch your highheels with flat as it’s much safer for your health. Complete your style of fashion for older women with matching accessories and you can still look great at your age.

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