Basic fashion Tips for Girls: Things You Should Know

Talking about fashion tips for girls is always exciting and fun! But, fashion trend is never the same. It always changes from time to time. Every season has its own fashion. Every era has its own fashion. Can we be always in fashion every time? Yes! There are some common rules you have to pay attention.

Personal fashion

Your personality is one of the timeless fashion determiners. To be always in fashion you have to invent your own style based on your personality. Take for example you are a really girly girl. It can be your fashion signature. You do not have to worry about today fashion trend for it is always possible to follow any fashion style with this personal theme.

Mix and match trick

Keep your collection well, especially your shoes and bags. These two fashion items are relatively timeless. You can easily mix your old collection to your new clothes. The key to be looked perfect is to put shoes which have similar color or style to you bag. To make sure your shoes and bags are always in their best condition, you have to pay attention to the way you keep them. It is suggested for you put your shoes in carton boxes with little ventilation and a bag of humidity absorption in it. Put the boxes in the shoe shelf where it gets enough light, but not directly to the sun. For the bags, it is the best to put them in an open racks or hang them rather than putting them in the closet. If they are made of leather, you have to clean them with leather cleaner once in a while. Never wash them with soap and water. This is one of ultimate fashion tips for girls.

Accessories and make up

Pay attention to every fashion era. Besides they have their own style of clothes, accessories and make are always be part of them. Of course you can buy new clothes for every fashion era, but buying accessories and learn today’s make up styles can help you be fashionable even in lower budget. Make up and accessories will help you following trend when you have to put on some clothes which are accepted in any fashion era. Especially for makeup, it helps you a lot for every fashion era has its own make up style such as the eye make ups styles or lipstick color. Choose the right accessories and make style. It is one of the best fashion tips for girls.

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