Back to School Fashion, Be a Cool Kid

After a long holiday a back to school fashion can be one of the most exciting topics to talk about. Everyone wants to be a cool kid, especially in high school. Show your new style and performance after holiday will be the greatest moment of all.

Back to school fashion tips

Indeed, you can just come to school with random fashion styles. There are some important things you have to understand. First, check your school regulation. Before buying any new clothes, you have to recall the school regulations. Some schools do not allow their students to dress in some provocative outfit like mini skirt or tight pants. Buy new clothes which are fashionable but go with your school regulations. Second, check what you already had. Mix and match! It will be very exciting rather than just buying random clothes which might not go with your old t-shit or blazer. By trying to mix and match your clothes, you will also get more fashion style possibilities as if you have a lot more clothes.

Third, play with layer and accessories. Layering you clothes like short sleeves with longer sleeves shirt can be pretty cool. You can also put on some cool blazer or shirts to cover your tank top. Don’t forget to put on some accessories like scarf, bracelets, rings or watches. Fourth, you can try some fashion application. If you get confused, getting online and brows some fashion application will be helpful. Choose teenager fashion application where you can try to mix and match any school outfit with their features. The last tips, you should shop beyond the mall. There might be a lot cool stuffs at the malls, but you should never forget that some stores also sell their best products. Especially if you want emphasize particular back to school fashion theme, some boutiques and stores will be more helpful and cheaper.

Girly look of Fashion Ideas For School LuxFashion 3

School outfit on budget

Cutting some budget will not make you less fashionable. There are various fashion style to create a cool going to school outfit. First, check all of your stuffs. Do some experiments with your old clothes, you might buy some new accessories or just use old accessories that you already had.

Second, modify your old clothes. Have an oversize shirt? Old pants which are not in fashion anymore? Or long skirt which does not really cool? Take them to a tailor. You can get new clothes buy modifying your old clothes. The last step, if you need to shop some new clothes you need to look for discounts and shop in the right place. You also need to make sure that your new clothes will go with your old clothes to create a perfect back to school fashion.

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