2016 Winter Fashion Trends: The Hottest Girl in the Cold

Get ready for winter means you are ready for the upcoming winter fashion trends of the year. For the upcoming winter trends, the Cosmopolitan releases hot fashion style which is at the same prediction with the Runway fashion. Sexy and hot theme will be the fashion trends of the 2016 winter.

Sexy boots

Let’s start with the winter boots! Channel and Jimmy Choo seems to offer their best winter boots which give you protection and style at the same time. They tend to produce winter boots which are fit to your foot silhouette from the fingers to your ankle. Gaspers and zippers seem to be the best functional accessories for this sexy boots. At the same time, Prada also gives you their best winter boots with high heels. The heels are designed to be tick so you can wear it even to walk on the snowy sidewalks. With gaspers and zipper, ankle and the knee length boots can be the sexiest element for your winter outfit. For the boots, black seems to be the timeless color over the year.

Eccentric hot coats

Another important outfit for winter is the coat. The 2016 coats for the winter seem to follow the color and pattern of the year. Choosing marsala coat will absolutely make you the hottest girl in the snow. This reddish warm color is the color of 2015 which affects not only your outfit color, but even your make up. The eccentric fur coat in marsala color is on of the best winter fashion trends of the year.

Besides the eccentric fur coats, geometric design is also part of the 2015 winter outfit. Either you want to put a long or medium coats, geometric cutting line will be perfect for winter. Not only it is easy to be matched, it also creates firm and strong looks which makes you even hotter. Timeless color like black or gray can be another color you can choose. By the end of 2015, Korean style seems to be the preference for you who want to look cute. The fur white coat or shocking colors like yellow is another way to improve your performance in this winter.

On budget winter fashion

Considering budget seems always be another important thing in fashion. Before buying any new winter clothes, take a look at your former winter collection. Check on your shoes and coats. To lower the budget, it is suggested for you to buy one of these items. To follow the 2015 winter fashion trends you can always put some accessories like marsala gloves and scarves.

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