2 Powerful Fashion Design Software

Many people are interested in fashion, either as a hobby or business. As a business, some people decide to become a designer. Nowadays, most of them prefer fashion design software to create a layout instead of using pencil to draw one. It is much quicker and more flexible to do their job. There are two softwares which are quite famous among the designers, and they are Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Which one is the best to have? Well, you may find the answer here because we provide the strengths of both softwares.


Adobe Illustrator

Among of all design softwares, Adobe Illustrater can be said as the most popular one to be used by some professional designers. The interface of this fashion design software is quite similar with its cousin, Adobe Photoshop. It makes those who have used it easy to apply the illustrator. However, it is certainly difficult for beginners. Anyway, here are some strength that could interest you.
1. It facilitates the users to integrate their works into other Adobe softwares.
2. It is available for both powerful and light illustration.
3. The features here are very complete.
4. It offers several effects in which other photoshops have.
5. It can open large size files without experiencing any lags.
6. The quality of the colors is very good.
7. The color of its interface is interesting.



CorelDRAW is also quite well-known to apply in designing, but not as famous as the first one. Maybe the reason is because this one has only a few strength compared to the illustrator. In this case, we will mention five of them, which might still able to make you excited.
1. The layout setting is very flexible and fast to do.
2. The short cut is easy to remember as well as apply.
3. How to use it is quite friendly so even beginners can make a use of it easily.
4. Its system called as ‘snap to object’ is very useful
5. Many publishers and design services apply this design software.
Now you already know about the strength of each software. If you do not like these two, you may try to have a look at other choices of fashion design software such as C-Design Fashion, Edraw Max, Fashion CAD, etc. Just find the one that has facilities which are suitable with your needs.

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